The cutest wood clipboard around the block! This premium quality clipboard made of real wood veneer is a sturdy and great accessories to complement your office, or in your restaurant as a check presenter!


Size: 9" x 11 7/8" x 3/16"
• 4 1/2'' Nickel Clipboard Clip with 1/8'' hanging hole in back
• Clamping capacity of 3/4''
• Walnut or Natural White Oak veneer*
• Coated for protection
• Handmade in California


Size: 4 1/2" x 5 7/8"
• 2 1/2'' Nickel Clipboard Clip
• 2 optional Neodymium magnets on the back — these are strong!
• White Oak or Walnut veneer*
• Coated for protection
• Handmade in California

**What is the veneer wood type?
A veneered product is made out of thin, decorative slices of high quality wood, affixed to a lower density core that will resist warping and moisture and therefore offer a good value alternative.
The reasons I'm using this material for clipboards:
- it's a more stable wood, 
- it's still real wood and I can cut, drill, sand, stain them as such, 
- it's thin and light. 
Advantages of using veneers
Compared to wood, one of the primary advantages of using veneer is stability. While solid wood can be prone to warping and splitting, because veneer is made of thin layers of wood glued together, the chances of splitting or cracking are reduced. Further, the glue used provides additional strength, making the end result stronger than natural wood.

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Please note most of the clipboards are made to order. Small orders take 2-4 days to process and volume orders 5-7 business days.